Diving Instructor, a dream job

A typical day for a diving Instructor in France can vary according to where he/she works and the activities offered by their dive centre. However, this is an example of what a typical day could look like :


The Day to Day of an Instructor

In the morning an Instructor arrives at the dive centre to prepare the day.  They’ll check the dive gear, get the boats ready to go out to sea, and check the organisation and logistics for the different groups of divers.  After this, they’ll welcome the divers as they arrive for the day.  The divers will get their gear ready, then make their way to the boat; accompanied by their Instructor.  Once the boat has arrived at the dive site the Instructor will brief his/her group of divers according to their certification level and experience.  Between the dives the Instructor can be giving theory lessons to beginners or for those wishing to improve their level.  This time can also be used for servicing equipment, organising the next dives and chatting with clients.  At the end of the day the Instructor will fill in log books for his/her divers and check that there is no equipment left on the boat.  They’ll fill tanks and clean the dive centre once the clients have left for the day.  He/she could also be involved in staff meetings regarding ongoing training courses and future activities.  To resume, a typical day of a Diving Instructor in France is an active day, with a lot of interaction with clients, and looking after equipment to guarantee diver safety, whilst enjoying the underwater treasures of France.

To work in France you need to have the Diplôme d’Etat.

A word from our Instructor

This is what diving means to me, me the little child of a farmer from Tarn and Garonne, who’d never seen the sea….But who’d grown up and dreamed whilst watching the tv series of Commandant Cousteau, the “Astronauts of the Sea”. And then I grew up and I had the luck to realise part of my dream, working as a Diving Instructor….So it’s certain; I’ll never be a millionaire, and I don’t count the number of hours I spend at work, but I have the privilege of having made my passion my profession, and also, possibly; to help others realize their “childhood dream"
"Childhood dream"

A typical day for a diving Instructor overseas would resemble that of an Instructor in France, with, as a general rule, some differences to note.  An Instructor overseas would not be taking care of equipment stockage and maintenance.  His primary role is to look after clients, only during the dives.  He or she will thus be expected to undertake more dives than an Instructor in France.  His/her role is to make sure his clients enjoy their trip as much as possible via some exotic dives.  The water temperature will also be different.  An Instructor working overseas will often be diving in a shorty in summer and winter as opposed to an Instructor in France who’ll be diving in a full suit most of the time.


To sum up, a typical day for an overseas Instructor is a day without much lifting, but with a lot of diving.


To work overseas becoming a PADI Instructor is necessary.

Pour travailler en France ET à l’étranger, un diplôme d’Etat et l’instructeur PADI est necessaire