A perfect place to become a Scuba Diving Instructor!

Our dive centre is in the heart of the Port Cros National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty, providing spectacular underwater landscapes rich in marine life.  We’re well located on the Port Miramar in La Londe Les Maures, with the premises just 30 metres from the dive boats.  Upon arrival you’ll find the terrace where we’ll welcome you.  This is the preferred location for our divers to grab a tea or coffee, sort out paperwork and conduct debriefings.

For divers with a disability please click here to see the section on “Dive training and disabilities”


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You’ll then be guided to our equipment distribution counter where we can sort out any equipment needs you have for your dives.  Missing some equipment?  No worries, we have everything you might need.  As an Aqualung Partner Centre , we provide different ranges of equipment.  If you like the rental equipment and you wish to buy your own, we’ll have it in stock in the shop.  Don’t hesitate to ask a member of the team so you can get a good deal.

You’ll find the changing rooms to the left of the equipment counter.  In the desire to provide comfort, they’re equipped with two hot showers, a changing cabin, spacious toilets and cases to stow personal effects and enable taking just the essential with you on the boat.

You’ve drank your coffee, you’ve got your gear, it’s now time to get on board!  Jéronimo is purpose built for diving; 11.7 metres long and 3.7 metres in the beam, she offers a spacious area for divers.  You can prepare your dives comfortably thanks to a well-equipped boat with toilets; stockage areas, shower, seating and even a sun deck to work on your tan post dive!  Two large dive ladders that are nearly two metres long provide an easy way to get back on the boat without too much effort.  The boat is equipped with full emergency oxygen, VHF, echo sounder and a high precision GPS.  Dropping divers on the wrecks and deeper rocks is done via video link to enable the skipper to be as precise as possible.  Finally, she’s powered by two 330hp Volva Penta D6 engines, providing a fast and smooth passage to your favourite dive sites.

The Craint’Degun is an 8.6 metre RIB with a capacity of 20 divers.  Powered by two 250hp outboards, you’ll be rapidly and safely transported to your preferred sites.

However, there’s more :

During your PADI dive course, you’ll spend time in our classroom, that has all of the necessary equipment to follow your theory lessons in good conditions.  It’s here where we can answer all of your questions and where you can interact with our Instructors regarding the theory section of courses.  The room is equipped with Wi-Fi and a projector screen.  A coffee machine will help keep you going to acquire the essential knowledge of a competent and confident diver.

In the same room is our workshop, set up last year and entirely dedicated to the servicing of all of your diving equipment.  We only service Aqualung Regulators as we are an Aqualung Partner Centre.  If you have a doubt about the state of your Aqualung Regulator, let us know and we’ll be happy to check it on your behalf.


Hidden away, but essential, our filling station was redone in 2022.  We have a Bauer PE-700 compressor that delivers 42m3/hour, 23 300 bar 50 litre air banks, 5 350 bars 5 litre air banks and 4 300 bar Nitrox banks.  Our Nitrox filling station is manufactured by Oxyclean and allows us to do fills of between 32 à 100%.  We can fill up to ten tanks at once with pure and filtered air.  We can also do fills according to your wishes, please approach a member of the team to find out more.

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