Our dive centre’s philosophy is based on multiple pillars

Serious training

We’re engaged to ensure that each diver obtains the appropriate certification at the end of their course, to enable them to continue to evolve and fully enjoy this passion.  Our internal regulations


We never sacrifice safety for pleasure.  We assure that we’ll follow rigorous protocols to guarantee that each dive is undertaken in optimal safety conditions.  We observe to ensure that all divers and trained and correctly equipped for all situations.


We’re convinced that each diver is unique and that their needs and desire can vary.  This is why we offer personalised training to reply to each person’s needs, whether that be regarding objectives or training levels.  With us each diver can certain they’ll receive quality training that is adapted to specific needs with certification at the end.


Friendliness and fun

We firmly believe that diving should be an agreeable and amusing activity, and this is why we put an accent on a friendly and relaxed atmosphere during our dive trips.

Protection of the environment

As a dive centre located in the heart of the Parc National de Port Cros, we are deeply engaged in the preservation of this unique marine ecosystem.  We strongly believe in the importance of preserving marine biodiversity and the education of our divers regarding the impact of their actions on the underwater environment.  We believe in the possibility of combining a passion for scuba diving with environmental responsibility.

A professional and experienced team

Our professional team, with many years of experience in this area are at your service.

An appropriate and welcoming dive centre

Our dive centre is in the heart of the Port Cros National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty

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