As an experienced diver, you must have a minimum amount of your own equipment :

  • A pair of fins
  • A mask
  • A wetsuit or semi-dry suit
  • A BCD
  • A regulator with alternate air source
  • A pressure gauge
  • A dive computer
  • A weight system
  • A surface marker buoy

To work in France, you also need :

  • Two “complete” regulators (two first and two second stages)

To work overseas, you also need :

  • A dive knife
  • A compass
  • A snorkel
  • An audible surface signaling device

Don’t hesitate to download and print off the list of equipment necessary for your course !



Of course ! We have all of the equipment necessary to ensure your training goes smoothly.  The price of any equipment hire (50% discount for people doing a course) will be added to the price of your course.