26 March 2024

FAQs : Become a PADI PRO

You want to forge a career in diving? Becoming a PADI Pro is the first step in accessing the underwater world and being paid to dive.

The first step on the ladder is the PADI DiveMaster course.  To go further you complete the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

If you have an undeniable passion for the underwater world but don’t know where to start, how much time it will take, the difficulty of the courses and much more, this article is for you.  We’ll answer the most common questions with the aim of helping you become a PADI Pro and starting the career of your dreams.

What is a PADI Pro?

First of all, it’s important to understand the differences between recreational and professional diving.  Recreational divers dive for the adventure and to explore underwater.  Professional divers also love these things, but are specifically trained to teach and guide others in their underwater adventures.

To become a PADI Pro the first step is to do the PADI Divemaster course, which will train you to assist diving Instructors and supervise diving activities.

Afterwards you can become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI).  This course leans on your knowledge as a Divemaster and develops your teaching skills.  An OWSI can teach all of the core PADI courses from entry level to Divemaster.  OWSI’s can also become Specialty Instructors, for example Wreck Diver Instructor, to enlarge the offering of what they can teach.

A PADI Pro is someone who has significantly developed his or her underwater skills, leadership capacities, teaching skills and role of responsibility within the diving community.  Following a PADI Professional course is a crucial step in constructing a successful career in the diving industry.

  • PADI Divemaster FAQ’s

Many people have specific questions about the PADI Divemaster course, which is the first professional level certification.  We’ll go over these questions below.

What are PADI Divemasters allowed to do?

PADI Divemasters can assume a number of specific diving related responsibilities.  They are certified to:


Assist qualified PADI Instructors in diving activities with or without teaching.

Guide certified divers during fun dives.


Manage Discover Local Diving programmes.


Assist in Discover Scuba Diving programmes (the main PADI introductory programme for beginners).


Teach PADI ReActivate, Discover Snorkeling and PADI Advanced Snorkeler.


Teach certain PADI Specialties after having become qualified to do so with a Course Director, including PADI – Emergency Oxygen Provider, Equipment Specialist, Coral Reef Conservation, PADI AWARE.

How long does it take to become a Divemaster ?

Once you’ve become a Rescue Diver and have 40 logged dives you can start the PADI Divemaster course.  You must have also had CPR and first aid training within the last 24 months.  The length of the Divemaster course will vary according to the length of time you need to complete the water skills exercises, the theory and the practical sessions, plus the quantity of time that it takes you to get up to 60 logged dives.  As a general rule most Divemaster candidates need between three weeks and six months to finish their training.

How difficult is the PADI Divemaster course ?

The PADI Divemaster course is a challenge.  It’s the first step on the PADI Pro ladder and you will need to be determined.  That said with a good attitude and discipline the course is manageable.  The intensity of the knowledge development and in-water competences is rewarding and emotional.  In addition, you will have the support of your PADI Instructor throughout the course.  Your Instructor will be there to guide you and share their experience, advice and tips.

Finally; having passed the Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver courses, you already have a solid base of knowledge and skills for your Divemaster course.

  • PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) FAQs

Are you ready to learn more about how to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor ? Carry on reading !

What can PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors do ?

A candidate who has passed the Instructor Development Course (IDC) and the Instructor Exam (IE) is certified to teach the following

PADI courses

Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver

Rescue Diver


Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty

PADI AWARE Specialty

Instructors can also obtain other Specialty Instructor ratings to enable them to offer a larger range of courses.  These Specialties include Wreck, Cavern; Dry Suit, Drift and many others.

How much time is needed to become an Open Water Scuba Instructor ?

Once you’re certified as a Divemaster, assuming you’ve been a certified diver for at least six months you can enroll in the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and the Instructor Exam (IE) to obtain your Open Water Scuba Instructor certification!  Please note that you also need to have proof of 100 logged dives to be able to attend an Instructor Examination.  The IDC lasts a minimum of six days and includes the Assistant Instructor course and the OWSI programme:  Afterwards you attend the IE.  The total IDC normally lasts between 10 and 14 days, but we recommend that you contact your chosen PADI Instructor Development Centre to check the specifics.

How difficult is the IDC ?

As with the PADI Divemaster course, the IDC is a challenge and is designed to thoroughly train those that wish to become diving instructors.  It’s certain that clients are more reassured when they know their Instructors have had to invest time and energy during the IDC to permit them to train new divers in complete safety.  PADI Instructors are in high demand worldwide and more and more people are making careers in this sector.  Despite it being a challenge it is one that can be conquered with passion and a good attitude.

Interested in becoming a PADI Pro ?

Now we’ve answered most of your questions, you’re probably asking yourself where to start ? The first step is to contact us to book your course!

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